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How does alcohol cause hypos?

The liver plays a crucial role in regulating blood glucose levels by continuously releasing glucose into the bloodstream throughout the day.

This vital function is made possible by the liver’s ability to store glucose in the form of glycogen, which it can then convert into glucose as needed.

When we drink alcohol, the alcohol can halt the liver’s ability to release glucose into the blood.

As your liver metabolizes alcohol, it temporarily inhibits the release of glucose. Consequently, your blood sugar levels can plummet rapidly, increasing the risk of hypoglycemia, especially if you’re on insulin or certain diabetes medications. Consuming alcohol without accompanying food further heightens this risk.

The impact of alcohol on the liver can last for several hours after consumption, underscoring the importance of remaining vigilant.

A potentially perilous scenario can arise if you go to bed without considering the impact of alcohol on your liver. Many individuals with diabetes, may be at risk of experiencing overnight hypoglycemia if they fail to consume additional carbohydrates before bedtime.


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